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Whether you are passively open to outstanding opportunities when they occur, or you are actively seeking a new job, we are here for you. We don’t chase fees, coerce candidates, or push square pegs into round holes. We have always, and always will, take the long term view. If the perfect opportunity for you takes a week, a month, or a year we’re here to be your eyes and ears in the market, to share our expertise and knowledge. When a great opportunity arises, one that matches the requirements and needs you’ve shared with us, we’ll present it to you, openly and honestly, and where there is interest, we’ll support your application, and help you through the entire process, giving feedback at every stage of the process.

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It’s not always possible to help every candidate find the perfect job just when they want or need it. If you are looking to find your first role in the cleantech sector, it can be hard to break in. Whilst we do endeavour to help as many people as possible to make the transition directly. If we can’t we’re still here to help you on your journey. Though our ‘Careers in Cleantech’ channel we will provide advice, insights, and wherever possible answer your specific questions. Featuring our own experts, external industry experts, and the case studies of candidate who have moved up in their careers in cleantech, or found their first job in the sector, we’ll give you advice and knowledge to help you in your career and your job search. Subscribe to the Careers in Cleantech YouTube channel here, on Facebook or our LinkedIn Group.

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