The leading recruitment consultancy for the clean mobility and clean energy sectors.

The leading recruitment consultancy for the clean mobility and clean energy sectors.

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Future Mobility

Perhaps we should call it present and future mobility! Mostly we mean all aspects of CASE: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified. We work across all aspects of the mobility transition, from vehicles to infrastructure, to software and everywhere in between. But not self-charging!

Energy Storage

Batteries big and small of all chemistries and durations, and everything that makes them work, from cells, anodes and materials to Battery Management Systems, and everything that then optimises, connects and utilises them on the grid, a microgrid, a building or a home.

Smart Buildings, Homes & Cities

Technologies that make moving around cities cleaner and easier. Technologies that make cities, buildings and homes more energy efficient, and better, cleaner, and nicer places to live, work and play.

Clean Energy

Renewable technologies that generate electrons and heat in a clean, sustainable, and renewable way, from solar power to Heat Pumps and all technologies to help us avoid burning stuff and polluting the world. Hardware, software and services that deliver clean and renewable energy for grids, business and homes.

We’re on a shared mission

Fully Charged Recruitment is a partnership between two great organisations with a shared mission; To accelerate the clean mobility and clean energy transitions. The combined expertise, reach and passions of the Hyperion Cleantech Group, owners of Hyperion Executive Seach, and Fully Charged Show, the world’s premier clean mobility and energy YouTube channel and events, are combined to bring disruption to the cleantech careers sector.

Fully Charged Recruitment specialises in helping companies in the cleantech sector to scale and succeed. Hiring Mid to Senior level talent, across disciplines, from sales, operations, and finance, to procurement, supply chain, logistics, systems and product development.

For candidates already in the sector, we can provide life-changing career opportunities, helping you to enhance your career, and to keep challenged and rewarded for your skills and commitment.

For candidates outside of the cleantech sector that seek a meaningful and impactful career, wanting to move into the sector, we seek to help you take your transferable skills and talent into the cleantech career. We can’t promise to find such opportunities for everyone immediately, but we will where we can, and where we can’t we will be providing insights, advice and support through our ‘Careers in Cleantech’ content on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube, to help you on your journey.

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Global Recruitment

We work with global clients, hiring roles across the EMEA region. Later in 2022 we’ll be launching Fully Charged Recruitment in North America.

The more talent, skills and passion we can help direct towards our mission, the quicker we’ll get to where we need to be.

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